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A COVID-19 recovery certificate is used to prove that you had contracted COVID-19 but have already recovered. Consequently, your body may have formed a natural immunity to ward off re-infection. To apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate in Edinburgh, you need to have positive test proof and a demonstration of recovery from Covid-19. We will also need some information from you in the course of the assessment to certify you have completely recovered.

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Uses of the Covid Recovery Certificate

Below are some places that may ask for a Covid Recovery Certificate before access:

– some airlines before travelling
– some events
– when visiting certain locations and countries


Benefits of applying for a Covid Recovery Certificate in Edinburgh

At Newington Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, we offer not only reliable but also approved services. As a result, you can rely on us when applying for the certificate. Also, some of the benefits include;

–  Immediately you submit the correct details, you receive your Certificate within 24 hours
– Our certificates are accepted in different countries upon entry (However, check for up-to-date requirements for your travel destination before application)
GMC Registered doctors sign the certificates
– The application process is simple – 5-minute contact-free form
– You do not require an appointment


Covid Recovery Certificate Edinburgh


Who is eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate in Edinburgh?

You may be eligible for the Covid-19 Recovery Certificate if you are above 5 years (residing in the UK) and you have proof of a Covid-19 positive test result. However, if you are underage a parent/guardian should complete the form. The Covid test should be dated between 11 and 180 days after recovery.

Nevertheless, our qualified medical staff will conduct an assessment if necessary since every case is different. Keep note that the certificate is only valid for 90 days in other countries.


Who is not eligible?

If you’ve had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 10 days then you do not qualify to get the certificate. Immediately you recover, you can book an evaluation appointment with our pharmacist.  Do this 11 days after your last test or since the last time you had symptoms.


How many days after my test or symptoms, can I apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate?

You can apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate after 7 days of getting an initial positive result if you have been symptom-free for 48 hours (the first day of your symptoms or the day of your test is day ZERO). If you are travelling within 10 days of your positive test, or the start of your symptoms, we recommend wearing a mask whilst travelling.


Application requirements

– A positive Covid-19 Test date
– A document, screenshot, or photo indicating the results of your positive test
– Passport Number (voluntary)
– Debit/Credit Card


The Application Process

1. Produce Proof of a positive test

Confirm that your latest positive test is within the last 6 months and not within the last 10 days. In case you want to include your passport number on the certificate, ensure it’s readily accessible.

2. Present the online form

Submit your application after filling in all your details in our easy-to-follow online form. The process is quick, therefore bookings and one-on-one contact are not necessary.

3. Evaluate your certificate

After submitting your form, our doctor will analyse it. If everything checks out, you will receive your certificate via email within 24 hours.



Express Delivery (2 hours) – £79
Standard Delivery (12 hours) – £59


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